A note from Bro. Robbie concerning worship during this time of Social Distancing

Worship Opportunities Amidst Social Distancing

Dear Safe Harbor Family,

The spread of the Coronavirus is still a threat in our area, and we want all of you to stay safe in these uncertain times.  So, this Sunday (March 29th) we will again encourage all of you to stay home and worship with us on Facebook.  I realize there were some technical issues last week and most likely will be again.  Please be patient and remember there are literally 100’s of thousands of people all streaming FB live videos of their church service.  Also, the upload speeds are slower than the download speeds so that might have caused some of the buffering issues.  One possible fix is to sign into watch parties.  This is a lavender button in the bottom left of the feed (looks kind of like a bucket of popcorn).  You can invite others to watch with you and you can message between those in the watch party with you.  Now this takes away the actual live feed but is only off a minute or two.  It was explained to me that it seemed to help with the buffering. 

Here is a recap of the ways to watch from last week’s message…

  • Tune in with us at 10:00 am
  • Fully participate in our worship service so we can be cyberly joined in worship
  • Prayer request – there was a lag in the posts so go ahead and post your Glory sighting and prayer request as you begin watching
  • Invite someone else over (still within the 10-person limit) especially if you know of someone that doesn’t have Facebook. 
  • Tithes and Offering time – I encourage you to make an offering
    • Take an envelope and place your offering in it.  Then you could drop it off at the church or mail it in on Monday. 
  • Our doors will be open for anyone that feels the need to come and worship the Lord.  If you do attend in person, please remember “social distancing” and respect others.
  • Continue to cancel all weekly activities

I do want you to be aware of something different for Palm Sunday (April 5th). In addition, the to Facebook live option, we will have a drive-in church (weather permitting).  We will set up outside the front the of the church for worship and you will be able sit in your cars like an old-timey drive-in.  Tune your radio to 87.7 and listen from the comfort and safety of your cars.  Keep an eye out for more information on Sunday morning and next week.  

Love in Christ,

Robbie Murden